Our Services

VMI Services

As a manufacturer, your need for immediately available components can get bogged down by the costs and time associated with maintaining your required inventory levels. That’s why Kinequip’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Services are a perfect solution! Our field experts and data-driven inventory management software will reduce your procurement time, reduce labor inefficiencies, and streamline your inventory investment. Call us so we can determine if these value-added services can improve your bottom line.

Bin Stocking

We stock and manage your in-plant hardware to save you time, reduce procurement costs, and secure quality control. Our inventory management experts regularly visit your plant, audit your supply, and become a seamless extension of your business. We will create a highly organized and customized bin system managed by our field experts who scan and maintain the parts you need with barcoding technology. You’ll never have to worry about having the right parts at the exact right time!

Stock & Release

Allowing us to stock your inventory and release it to you based on your upcoming demands is the best way to eliminate stocking inefficiencies. At Kinequip, we are experts at logistics and supply chain planning. Let us put this expertise to work for you and help you reduce your inventory investment.

Consignment Inventory

If you have spikes in demand or unusual usage patterns, you may need to restock inventory quickly to avoid disrupting your production needs. Our consignment inventory programs are an ideal and economically sound solution. We place our inventory in your plant so that lead times are never an issue, but payment is delayed until the time of use.

In-Plant Service Teams

We have a team of field experts that are available to be on site to meet your complex inventory demands. Our field experts regularly interact with your shop personnel to understand changing needs, replenish assembly line bins, or work on sub-assemblies. You can rely on them to proactively seek out ways to streamline your processes and continually help you achieve your production goals.