Destaco 8116 | Block Style Pneumatic Swing Clamp

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Destaco 8116 Block Style Pneumatic Swing Clamp

Sensor ready
Clamping arm and spindle included. Available with out clamping arm, specify -LA
Left hand swing
Stroke (mm): 21.5
Stroke (in): 0.850
Cylinder Bore (mm): 19.1
Cylinder Bore (in): 0.75
Clamping Force @ 5Bar[72Psi] (N): 80
Clamping Force @ 5Bar[72Psi] (lbf.): 18
Mount: Block style – side or top mount
Replacement Seal Kit: 801560
Swing Direction: LH
Air Port size: 10-32
Air Consumption (per double stroke at 5 bar) (dm²): 0.060
Air Consumption (per double stroke at 7 psi) (in²): 0.002
Stroke during rotation (mm): 11.8
Stroke during rotation (in): 0.47
Vertical clamp stroke (mm): 9.7
Vertical clamp stroke (in): 0.38
Sensor Ready: Yes
Series: 8100 
EDP No.: 58116 
Swing: LH 
Position: Unclamp
Arm Supplied: 801528 
Spindle Supplied: 305203 
Travel During Rotation: 11.8mm
Travel During Rotation: 0.466INCH
Vertical Clamp Stroke: 21.6mm
Vertical Clamp Stroke: 0.85INCH
Max. Arm Length: 2.25mm
Max. Arm Length: 57.2INCH
Weight: 0.31kg [0.68lb]


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