Wago 221-413 (100 Pk) Compact Splicing Connector 3-Conductor Terminal Block

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The Wago 221-413 (100 Pk) Compact Splicing Connector 3-Conductor Terminal Block is the ideal solution for connecting multiple wires together securely and safely. Crafted with Cage Clamp Technology, this connector offers maximum security with its hollowed-out grips that securely hold any connector in any situation. This impressive connector also offers side-entry wiring and can handle a maximum operating temperature of 85°C and a rated voltage of 450V with a rated surge voltage of 4kV. Ideal for use in grounded power lines, the Wago 221-413 is perfect for any wiring needs you may encounter. With its convenient package of 100 units, you can trust Wago when connecting wires in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re using stranded, solid, connectable, or fine-stranded wires, the Wago 221-413 is sure to get the job done. Invest in reliability and performance with the Wago 221-413 (100 Pk) Compact Splicing Connector 3-Conductor Terminal Block.

“100 units per package” Wago 221-413 / Cage Clamp Technology

  • Three (3) conductor terminal blocks with operating levers that open and close easily
  • Hollowed-out grips designed to hold any connector in it’s place in any situation
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 85°C, 3 points of connection, 1 potential
  • Rated voltage EN (1)[V]: 450V and Rated surge Voltage (1)[V]: 4kV, Normal Current 32A
  • Nominal cross section 1: 4 mm²
  • Solid sizes, Stranded, connectable and Fine-stranded wires 1: 0.2 … 4 mm² / 24 … 12 AWG
  • Strip length 1: 11 mm / 0.43 in, Offers side-entry wiring
  • Size: Width: 18.7mm / 0.736in – Height: 8.3mm / 0.327in – Length: 18.6mm / 0.732in
  • Flammability rating per UL 94: V2
  • Safety information 1: in grounded power lines


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