Destaco 2002-S Vertical Hold-Down Toggle Locking Clamp

SKU#: 2002-S

  • 2002-S Vertical Hold-Down Toggle Locking Clamp

    •Model No.: 2002-S
    •Maximum Holding Capacity (N) 2,700
    •Maximum Holding Capacity (lbsf) 600
    •Clamp Arm Length (mm) 48.5
    •Clamp Arm Length (in) 1.910
    •Height Under Clamp Arm (mm) 24.1
    •Height Under Clamp Arm (in) 0.950
    •Clamp Bar Opening (+10°) (degrees) 75
    •Handle Opening (+10°) 66
    •Standard Material: Steel
    •Toggle Lock Plus: No
    •Accommodates Workpiece Variation: No
    •Base Mounting Style: Flange
    •Clamp Arm Style: Solid Bar
    •Handle: Vertical
    •Service Environment: Normal
    •Duty Cycle: 2
    •Product Type: Standard
    •Weight: 0.22kg (0.49lbs)

    Additional Features:

    •New generation toggle clamp with 3 times the capacity of our legacy models

    Applications: Welding: Excellent/High, Assembly: Excellent/High, Checking Fixtures: Excellent/High, Machining: Poor/Low, Wood-Working: Excellent/High, Closures: Excellent/High, Food Processing: Not Recommended

SKU: 2002-S or 2002S or 2002 S

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