Destaco 324-SS Vertical Pull-Action Latch Clamp

SKU#: 324-SS

  • 324-SS Vertical Pull-Action Latch Clamp

    •Model No.: 324-SS
    •Maximum Holding Capacity (N): 2,200
    •Maximum Holding Capacity (lbsf): 500
    •Drawing Movement (mm): 38.7
    •Drawing Movement (in): 1.490
    •Hook Adjustable Range (mm): 11.9
    •Max Hook Adjustment (in): 0.500
    •Ef:Af Exerting Force: Applied Force ((pushing/pulling)): 31:1
    •Standard Material: Stainless Steel
    •Toggle Lock Plus: No
    •Base Mounting Style: Flange
    •Drawing Movement (mm): 38.7
    •Hook Type: U-Hook (Vertical)
    •Latch Plate: 324901
    •Latch Plate Supplied?: Yes
    •Replacement Hook Assembly: 324915
    •Product Type: Standard
    •Weight 0.11kg (0.24lbs)

    Additional Features:

    •The clamp is mounted perpendicular to the latch surface
    •Ideal for latching applications on molds, doors, lids, access covers, drums, containers, vessels
    •Stainless Steel
    •Supplied with threaded U-hooks for easy adjustment
    •Latch plate included
    •Patented Thumb Control Lever provides one-handed operation
    •Optional hook lengths available

SKU: 324-SS or 324SS or 324 SS

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