Destaco 527 Vertical Hold-Down Toggle Locking Clamp

SKU#: 527

  • 527 Vertical Hold-Down Toggle Clamp

    •Model No.: 527
    •Maximum Holding Capacity (N): 4,450
    •Maximum Holding Capacity (lbsf): 1,000
    •Clamp Arm Length (mm): 83.1
    •Clamp Arm Length (in): 3.270
    •Height Under Clamp Arm (mm): 56.1
    •Height Under Clamp Arm (in): 2.210
    •Clamp Bar Opening (+10°) (degrees): 195
    •Handle Opening (+10°): 65
    •Standard Material: Steel
    •Toggle Lock Plus: No
    •Accomodates Workpiece Variation: No
    •Base Mounting Style: Flange
    •Clamp Arm Style: Solid Bar
    •Handle: Vertical
    •Service Environment: Harsh/Dirty
    •Duty Cycle: 3
    •Product Type: Heavy Duty
    •EDP number: 55270
    •Handle Moves: 65°
    •Bar Opens: 195°
    •Weight: 1.13KG (2.49lb)

    Addtional Features:

    •Stainless Steel
    •Forged hold down bar can be cut or welded
    •Bar opens 195 degrees to clear work area
    •Thumb lever on link for easy opening

    Applications: Welding: Excellent/High, Assembly: Excellent/High, Checking Fixtures: Fair/Medium, Machining: Poor/Low, Wood-Working: Poor/Low, Closures: Poor/Low, Food Processing: Not Recommended

SKU: 527

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